EPISODE 14 "Dot Not Feather"

Vicky dates a new 'Indian' boy. Kookum also finds a new beau, and Hank and Josie aren't sure what to think. A well-timed family picnic turns friction into fun.

EPISODE 15 "3AM Feedings"

With a new baby in the house Hank and Josie are reminded of what it's like to be new parents. Grandma Kowalchuk shows up to help, and baby Alex gets left alone with his Aunt Kate.

EPISODE 16 "Kate's Clock Tickin / Tazz is Chicken"

Kate's biological clock kicks in. Doreen transforms into 'bridezilla' and enlists the help of a wedding planner, and Tazz gets cold feet.

EPISODE 17 "Boyfriends Back"

Mick's father Mark, mysteriously shows up to smooth out some old bumps. Meanwhile Hank and Mick begin to bond, and an impromptu wrestling match becomes the main event at Josie's surprise birthday party.

EPISODE 18 "Monkey Business"

When Josie's ex-boyfriend receives special attention at the restaurant, Hank becomes jealous. Tazz decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to drive Mark out of town. His attempt backfires, leaving Hank to clean up the mess.

EPISODE 19 "Party Hardly"

Mick and Hank, now buddies, graduate school together. At the celebration, Walt crushes on the coat check girl, Tazz crashes the grad dinner, and Mark lives up to his reputation.

EPISODE 20 "Missing Mojo"

Hank discovers he's not the young man he once was, when a back injury leaves him on the couch. Josie loses her patience as Hank appears to be enjoying himself a little too much, and Kate becomes inspired to live wild and free.

EPISODE 21 "Dead Goose"

Josie feels underappreciated as a waitress, and walks off her shift to help Hank with a plumbing task Tazz has screwed up. When her boss calls to ask her whereabouts, an argument ensues.

EPISODE 22 "Dances with Wolfy"

The Kowalchuks meet their new German neighbour, Wolfgang, and Josie feels threatened by his vast knowledge of Aboriginal culture. Kate asks 'Wolfy' to help prepare for her canoe journey.

EPISODE 23 "Fruit of Another"

Josie begins working for Hank, while Kate schemes to have Josie run a café on the Reserve. Hank soon realizes Josie is the best thing that's ever happened to his business, and Josie must decide which path to take.

EPISODE 24 "Happy Anniversary"

The family plans a surprise anniversary party for Hank and Josie. To keep them distracted, Mick takes Hank hunting for the day, Kate takes Josie to the spa, and both efforts end in disaster.

EPISODE 25 "The Young Apprentice"

Hank takes on the roles of boss and Father figure when Teresa, a young single mother, joins his team as an apprentice. Tazz feels threatened by the new addition, and during his week off begins to search for a different job.

EPISODE 26 "There's No Place Like Home"

With everyone away for the summer, Hank and Josie decide to take a romantic vacation, but a few wrong turns lead them to an abandoned hunting tent. While they enjoy their rustic getaway, the family thinks they've gone missing.