EPISODE 8 "Movin' On Up"

Hank lands a new job, but gets busted for not having a genuine plumbing certificate. He then enrolls at the local trade school where he encounters Mick. Doreen tells Hank about a foreclosure on a big new house and pushes him to take it. Kate, Josie's sister, arrives to stir things up. The big house quickly becomes crowded.

EPISODE 9 "Who's Your Daddy?"

Kate spills the beans to Mick about his "real" father. Mick freaks and confronts Josie who has to tell him the truth.  Doreen, Kate and Kookum go off to bingo. In a Kate mishap, the cards spill off the table and one of the cards is a big winner. Doreen and Kate square off.

EPISODE 10 "Goin' Green"

Uncle Charlie shows up at the new house with a fresh Moose carcass. Vicky is surprised by the moose and declares she is a vegetarian. Walt launches his 'green' campaign after visiting the dump with his father. Hank and his kids visit their mom's gravesite to commemorate her death.

EPISODE 11 "Hockey Dads"

At Donnie's hockey tournament, Hank and Tazz engage in a rising conflict with a hockey dad from an opposing team. Following a tie, there is a slight incident with the Zamboni and nobody wins. Kookum is arrested for stealing a hockey trophy.

EPISODE 12 "Mick & Vicky?"

Hank and Josie are called to the hospital when Vicky and Bobbie are in a car accident. Everyone is banged up badly, especially Mick who is back in town. Bobbie and Vicky get grounded. Hank, Tazz and Walt are called to an emergency repair job at a work camp.

EPISODE 13 "Baby on the Way"

Josie discovers she is pregnant and Hank freaks out because he had a vasectomy years ago. Hank accuses Josie of cheating and visits his family doctor to get to the bottom of it. They reconcile and the family gathers for the birth of the new "U-cree-nian" baby.